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Betty Roach, Proprietor

Policies and Procedures

Here at MEANINGFULS our integrity and pride guide us to produce and provide a high quality one-of-a-kind product.

All products sold are made-to-order and carry the signature or initials of the "artist".

All prices include shipping and handling.

Most of our available items do depend on consumer-supplied materials.  However, some items can be made from inventory stock materials (subject to availability).

Personal items sent to MEANINGFULS to be used in projects ordered by customer and purchased from MEANINGFULS will be altered. All responsibility for said items is assumed by customer. Remains of said personal items will be returned ONLY upon written request of the customer and may be subject to additional shipping charges.

Frames used for Quilled MEANINGFULS are subject to availability. Preference of color/stain can be stated on the order form but appropriate substitutions may be made.

Items sent to be included in Quilled MEANINGFULS are subject to artist's discretion.  Those items not used will be returned upon request but may be subject to additional shipping charges.

Most paper used for Quilled MEANINGFULS is recycled, shredded and hand cut. Special order colors are available but could delay the receipt of order.

If no special requests are made by the consumer, the use of fabric backgrounds, mats, etc. in our Quilled MEANINGFULS are subject to the artist's discretion.

All blue jeans used in our products are recycled. In-stock fabric, pockets, etc. may be used in addition to consumer supplied jeans to enhance and/or provide added contrast to your finished product.

Lining fabrics used for our blue jean purses and bags will be at the artist's discretion unless provided by consumer.

All other fabrics involved in completing MEANINGFULS items will be provided by MEANINGFULS unless consumer supplied and may be subject to additional charges.

All pillows are stuffed with new poly-fill pillow forms.

All animals and dolls are stuffed with fiberfill and/or recycled pantyhose, nylons and tights (subject to availability).

Dolls also include a portion of either uncooked rice or polybeads to weight the bottom of the doll and aid in sitting.

All teddy bear eyes are hand-sewn recycled buttons.

All stuffed animals and dolls are meant for display and heirloom purposes only.....NOT as toy or play items.

Ribbons and trims will be added at artist's discretion when creating our stuffed MEANINGFULS.

All items shipped UPS and insured up to $100.

ALL MEANINGFULS projects are subject to photographing and display on www.meaningfuls.com unless written (e-mail) instructions to the contrary are received from the purchaser or person(s) receiving said project.

MEANINGFULS and/or all of it's staff, accept no responsibility or liability for the results of any of our "helps and hints". Information has been gathered from a variety of sources and simply made available for your convenience and/or entertainment.

ALL reader/customer input on any and all MEANINGFULS pages is done so at the discretion of MEANINGFULS personnel. We reserve the right to choose what appears on our website.


Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns at MEANINGFULS@socket.net.

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